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Bedroom Oasis On A Budget

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  We often forget to redecorate our bedrooms because guests don’t see such a personal space. Despite this, there are many benefits to creating your own oasis that nurtures rest and relaxation. Your décor is your chance to personalize a portion of your home with self-expression that reflects your unique personality and creates the calm and serenity of an oasis. 

Personalizing your space can be a simple, cost-conscious process with these recommendations to make your space cozy, functional, and peaceful.


Hang art that reflects your personality and room theme.

According to experts, “[n]o bedroom makeover would be complete without carefully curated pieces of art thoughtfully placed, so do update your bedroom… with something fresh, fearless, and more importantly, full of riotous personality, charm, and visual appeal.” Art doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. Find the piece that speaks your language resale, and repurpose it for your bedroom.

Choose lighting that makes the room feel warm and cozy.

Lighting changes the way you see your space. It can bring energy into a room and give the space designated zones. Use brighter lighting for areas where you get ready for your day and softer lighting closer to your bed. Design experts Keri Sanders and Farima Alavi recommend enhancing your space with soft lighting choices. “If overhead lighting is a must, a chandelier with a dimmer is a great way to go,” said Sanders and Alavi. A chandelier can add an elegant touch without breaking the bank when purchased resale.

Use mirrors to add style and depth.

Mirrors are an excellent way to add a flash of style and personality while being functional. When used creatively they can make a room appear larger and reflect light in a complimentary way. Experts at the International Academy of Design & Technology suggest hanging “a series of mirrors on the wall for artistic effect. They can be the same or vary in size and shape. Arrange them in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns depending on the tone of the room.” If you purchase a mirror “new to you,” look out for scratches, marks, and glass imperfections on the mirror that may distract from the style instead of add character and charm.

Accent with the perfect rug.

Rugs are an excellent way to add texture, color, and warmth to your bedroom. They tie a design theme together seamlessly. Like mirrors, adding a rug can make the room look larger. Neutral tones and classic patterns can give the room a timeless design that surpasses specific dated trends or styles. When shopping for a preowned rug, look for high-quality fibers free of stains, discoloration, or water damage.

Be bold with decorative statement pieces.

Infuse pops of color into your oasis with ceramic vases, benches, footstools, small sculptures or other items that add a bit of personality. These items flaunt character and enhance the narrative of your bedroom theme. When looking for that one of a kind piece, consider repurposing an item you have in your home or finding new inspiration in gently used or resale items. Remember to look for items that speak for your personality and meld well with the room’s design.


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